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Privacy Policy

Privacy, being a major issue in the ecommerce world, is one of the factors safeguarded at Fani Car. We have utmost respect for our customer rights and since building a good relationship with our customers is our main objective, we take extreme care for their privacy rights. Our policies are simple, clear and convenient. We secure our customer’s details in our database and only use information when necessary. Most of our inquiries are solely based on the assurance that we are dealing with an authentic user and not a robot. We guarantee your information won’t be shared with anyone except in the case of surveys, legality or the protection of your rights.

For our website visitors, we use certain non-personal data, such as IP address, for our tracking methods and reports. Any information asked will be gathered keeping the customer’s privacy in mind. The user can refrain from filling out information if he wishes not to disclose any data. Certain data, such as username and email address, will be required by Fani Car to monitor the trending products upon which the findings will be displayed on the website without including any display of personal information.

Sharing the customer’s information with any employee, contractor or affiliated entity will only be done when the need to do so, arrives. Any information will not be sold or transferred to any organization. Any cookies or adds displayed on a visitor’s browser will be done for means of traffic monitoring.